Perfectly Pampered Pooches Services

Perfectly Pampered Pooches aim is to provide you and your dog, a relaxed and stress free grooming experience. All appointments are one to one, to help your dog feel as relaxed as possible and to create that stress free environment. All of our services can be tailored to meet the needs of your dog; after all, every dog is an individual. Once your dog steps into the PPP van they become part of the family.

Full Groom


  • A full brush out removing any knots or loose fur

  • A hydro bath experience using shampoos which contain only natural ingredients and are hyperallergenic.

  • Dry

  • Nail clipping

  • Ear cleaning

  • Clipping/Scissoring of the coat to achieve either a breed standard cut or a style of your choice*

*dependent on coat condition

Bath and De-shed


  • A full brush out to remove any knots and loose fur

  • Nail clipping 

  • A hydro bath experience

  • A dry with the blaster which will also help eliminate any extra loose fur

  • Another good brush through using specific tools to remove any remaining loose fur. 

Bath and Dry


  • A full brush out to remove any knots or loose fur

  • Nail clipping

  • A hydro bath experience

  • Dry

Hand Stripping

  • A full brush through to remove any knots and loose fur

  • A full hand strip, removing the dead undercoat

  • A hydro bath experience​​

  • Dry

*please note hand stripping is dependent on coat condition and fur type.

Puppy Package

It is important to introduce puppies to the grooming process as early as possible. Especially those with high maintenance coats, that will need frequent grooming appointments throughout their lives.

The first appointment* would be bringing the puppy into the van, getting them use to the smell and sights of the van.

Appointments after the initial introduction will continue up until 6 months of age and will include, 

  • nail clipping

  • brushing

  • bath

  • dry

Each appointment will based on how the puppy reacts to each scenario, the grooming process needs to be introduced slowly so it's never feared by the pup.

The final part of the puppy package, includes the puppies first full groom as the final appointment in this package.

*first appointment can only take place two weeks after the full course of vaccinations has been completed .

*puppy package only available to dogs under 1 years of age.